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Why Are Chair Mats So Expensive? [The Main Reason]

Why are chair mats so expensive? This is a question that often plagues consumers who are looking to purchase one for their home or office. The answer is not as simple as you might think. In order to understand why chair mats are so expensive, you must first understand what they are made of and what they are used for.

Why Are Chair Mats So Expensive?

Mats are made from a variety of materials, but the most common is vinyl. Vinyl is a durable and sturdy material that can withstand a lot of wear and tear. It is also easy to clean and maintain. However, the downside to vinyl is that it is not as comfortable to sit on for long periods of time. This is why many people opt for mats made from other materials, such as carpets.

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Carpet mats are more expensive than vinyl mats because they are more comfortable and luxurious. They are also more difficult to clean and maintain. But, if you are willing to pay the extra money, they are definitely worth it!

What are the benefits of a chair mat?

There are many benefits to using a mat in a workspace. First and foremost is for protection. The use of a chair with casters can easily damage your flooring surface, whereas a chair mat will protect your flooring investment. And then they also protect your floor’s warranty.

Mats also enhance workspace ergonomics, making it easier to roll. Therefore you have less stress on your joints and back.

It takes as much as 80% more energy to roll on a carpet versus the smooth surface of a mat.

Yeah, I think I’m of the ones that were under the misconception that you really didn’t need a mat. That’s
a common misconception.

Chair mats are actually needed for both carpet and hard floor surfaces. Another misconception is that mats are all created equal. Right?

They’re just a piece of plastic and really not needed. But Staples chair mats feature exclusive benefits that are unique to chair mats. One of those is the Anchor Bar Cleat System which allows the mat to securely grip to carpet. But is also gentle on your hands and fingers.

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Another option at Staples is foldable mats, which allow for ease of portability and storage. And then they also have crystal edges unique to their mats that allow seamless transition to and from the carpet. Or your hard floor surface. which lets you see the beauty of your floor show through. So many options.

How to select your chair mat?

Selecting a mat is easy as three steps.

So step number one, do you have a hard floor surface or a carpeted surface?

Okay, that’s an easy one, carpet. Do you know what the
thickness of your carpet is? Surprisingly you know this, it’s 3 / 8 inch thick.

Okay, well if you didn’t know, there’s an easy way to measure your carpet thickness.

Measure the thickness of a chair mat

You can do so by using the open end of a paperclip. Insert it into the carpet and padding till it reaches the subfloor underneath, take that measurement. And then choose a mat that’s rated for that thickness or that application, or one greater.

Why Are Chair Mats So Expensive

So what size and shape of mat do you think you need for your workspace?

Well, I have a large space, I have a desk in the corner, so there are a lot of carpets.

I would recommend the lip mat for a medium-pile carpet.


Why Are Chair Mats So Expensive – The price depends on quality and brand. If you want to buy a good quality custom & heavy-duty office chair mat from a renowned company then it is a simple answer that you may spend more money. Otherwise, if you think you don’t need the best quality mat then you can get it at a small cost.

The purchase process at Staple’s is simple and convenient. You may purchase your mat from a store, and carry it using their exclusive chair mat handles. Or you may simply buy a staples mat from amazon and have your mat delivered to your home.

There were so many options when it came to chair mats, and how essential they are for your office.

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