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Steelcase Leap VS Herman Miller Aeron: Which Is The Best

Steelcase Leap vs Herman miller Aeron – With the increased focus on ergonomics and employee health. Office chairs have become an important part of our work environment. The quality of your chair can make a significant difference in how comfortable you are during the day. Here I’ll talk about the Steelcase leap v2 vs Herman Miller Aeron.

Today, we are comparing two of the most popular chairs in the world. The Herman Miller Aeron and Steelcase Leap, both offer some excellent features for comfort as well as ergonomics so let’s get into it! Let’s take a look at each one in more detail.

For the past twenty years, the Aeron has been a staple in office design invented by Bill Stumpf and Don Chadwick(According to Wikipedia). This chair was created to offer the best ergonomic support for those who spend their days at work. Meanwhile, Steelcase Leap is a new competitor that has entered the market with a slightly different approach.

Both chairs have their pros and cons. While one may be more suitable for your needs than another depending on factors such as height or weight. First of all, let’s see the product details of each chair.

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Steelcase Leap VS Herman Miller Aeron: Comparison Chart

Here is the comparison chart on the Steelcase Leap VS Aeron:

  Steelcase-Leap-The-Best-Ergonomic-Chair Herman-Miller-Aeron-chair
Product Leap V2 Aeron Chair
Seat Height 15.5 to 20.5 inches 16 to 20.4 inches
Description Popular ergonomic task chair with comfort and adjustability. A precision-engineered ergonomic task chair for your office.
Weight Capacity 400 lbs (Standard); 500 lbs (Plus) 350 lbs (B and C size); 300 lbs (A size)
Width 18 inches (Back); 19.25 inches (Seat) 27 inches
Seat Depth 19 inches 16 inches
View More:

Return Policy: Steelcase vs Herman Miller

Herman Miller and Steelcase are two of the most popular chair manufacturers in the world. It’s not really a surprise that both offer some of the best return policies around. The company will even come to your home and pick up the chair. If you don’t like it, as long as you have kept your original packaging.

The main difference between these two brands is price. Herman Miller offers its chairs at a higher cost. Their return policies have been pivotal to their success. As both brands know that they can fit users into their flagship chairs with a lot of trial and error. The 30-day window for trying out each chair is an important feature.

As it gives customers time to make sure they like their purchase before committing.

Leap vs Aeron: Product Overview

Both of the chairs are built-in high-quality materials. The price is also higher than simple chairs. Both of the chairs are most popular all over the world. But, there are a few differences between the Steelcase Leap and Herman Miller Aeron chair.

So which one is the best chair among them? Let’s see the details of each chair:

Herman Miller Aeron Ergonomic Chair Overview


For anyone looking for a comfortable, adjustable chair that will last them for years to come. The Aeron is a clear choice. The Aeron is one of the most iconic ergonomic office chairs ever made.

Its best-in-class build quality, and adjustability. And comfort makes it ideal for any home office or gaming setup. From its patented ergonomic design to its signature headrest pillow and sleek black aesthetic. This chair has everything you need in an ergonomic chair. The Aeron is one of the most well-known chairs in the world.

Aeron has been in production since the 1990s. Designed by Bill Stumpf and Don Chadwick, it was first sold in 1994 and immediately made a big splash. It has since become an iconic part of modern design history. Even making its way into the Museum of Modern Art’s permanent collection.

One of the most striking features of Aeron is its back support. The Aeron chair has been a staple in offices for decades. Originally designed by Don Chadwick. The sole living designer of Herman’s brand. This iconic chair is still being sold today with many changes to it over time.

For example, these new chairs are not only made from more sustainable materials. But also come with more ergonomic adjustments so as to fit any user’s needs Let’s see the features of the Aeron Chair:

Herman Miller: Eco-Conscious Design

It is a well-known brand in the office furniture industry. It has been advocating for our planet since its inception and producing chairs. That helps improve the work environment, such as its Aeron chair.

They have introduced a DfE Protocol focused on optimizing their chairs over a product life cycle. Making them more recyclable, and limiting chemicals in chair production. This is just one way Herman Miller helps to create an eco-conscious design for offices everywhere!

Standard Colors for Your Office Chair

steelcase leap vs herman miller aeron

Modern colors are great for office chairs because they’ll keep your chair looking fresh and trendy. Herman Miller Aeron vs leap v2, color is the most important part of any chair.

As you are spending a lot of money you might be looking for the best modern colored chair. So, Herman Miller is the best choice for you.

They offer various types of modern-colored chairs. They are nice looking and may be the perfect color for your office or home office spaces.

Herman Miller Offers Multiple Sizes

In the world of office chairs, it’s easy to feel like you’re not given many options. What if you’re a short person? What if you’re a big and tall person? If this is the case, then Miller has the solution.

They offer multiple sizes for their chairs. If you are a short person then there is an option for you. but if you are a big and tall person also there is an option for you to choose a big and tall chair. As the price is high they make their chairs in many sizes and shapes for their customers.

Aeron is The Most Comfortable Sitting Chair

Sitting all day is not healthy. That’s why ergonomic chairs like the Aeron are so popular in offices around the world. But there are many different types of chairs that claim to be ergonomic.

And it can be difficult to know which one will work best for you.

steelcase leap vs aeron

The most important thing to look for when purchasing an office chair is how well it accommodates your natural postures. Throughout the day. There are many different types of chairs on the market. But most people find themselves settling for one chair that doesn’t quite suit their needs. Sitting for long periods of time can cause back pain, neck pain, and even heart disease. The Aeron Chair is an ergonomic chair. That will keep you comfortable throughout your workday.

The Aeron, Miller’s best-selling chair since the 1990s, has been upgraded to the newest generation of tilt control. The classic Aeron chairs are still in production but with a twist. The new one is even skinnier than its predecessors. This way, you can find your balance point when seated without feeling constricted. Or getting in anyone else’s way.

The modern design has allowed for improvements in previous models. By adding an additional inch of width and updating the arm. The iconic design gave rise to the term “office furniture”. Now offers a 1.8-degree angle adjustment with an improved base for sitting upright.

Herman Millers Aeron More Ergonomic features

The importance of good posture cannot be stressed enough. Many people, including those who are on their feet all day at work. They Will experience back pain and discomfort at some point in their lives.

steelcase leap vs aeron

This can be caused by poor sitting or standing postures that overstretch the spine and surrounding muscles. When we’re in a hunched position for long periods of time. Our body begins to protest and eventually. Fatigue occurs leading to decreased productivity and injury potential if continued unchecked. One of the biggest problems is that our chairs are not designed to properly support us. The majority of people don’t even know how they should sit.

Let alone find a chair that will keep them comfortable all day long. But there’s hope! Aeron provides you with the best ergonomic solution for your back pain. The postural support of this Aeron backrest fits the size of any chair from A to C.

So no matter what size chair you have, it will be comfortable for hours on end. You can adjust the level of support that is provided to your sacral region and the base of your spine. Using this backrest is like having your own personal physiotherapist right there with you.

And as an added bonus, using the backrest will naturally push your pelvis forward. Just a little bit which can help keep you from slouching. This tilt angle will also help prevent pain and discomfort during the day and at night.

A New Fabric That Lets You Sit for Hours on End

What is it like to sit in an Aeron chair for 8 hours straight? Not so bad, according to designers at Herman Miller. They’ve just announced a new fabric. That allows you to stay seated for long periods of time. Without experiencing any discomfort or fatigue. This new fabric is called Pellicle and features an ergonomic design.

With a built-in suspension that keeps your spine aligned when sitting down. Pellicle fabric is the newest and most exciting material to come out of the R&D department.

This miracle material has revolutionized how we interact with our chairs. The suspension in this fabric not only reduces strain on your back. But also enables you to sit for hours without having to get up for breaks or discomfort. Let’s see the pros & cons of the Aeron chair:


  • Recycled Material
  • Fully Adjustable Arms
  • Return policy


  • Price is high

Top reviews from some users:

Houmi told that: “Almost perfect!”

Bryan1970 told that: “Solved serious lower back issues”

TJ in Seattle told that: “Great, But….”

Aaron Reed told that: “The chair will feel ok for a month”

Herman Miller Aeron Alternatives: Steelcase Leap V2

Steelcase chair vs Herman Miller Aeron chair, the leap is a good office chair.

Steelcase Leap v2 chair review

Steelcase has been in business for over 60 years with an innovative track record to back it up. They are also committed to supporting their customers throughout their lifespan. Through continuous product development. One example of this commitment is the Leap chair. Which offers users a full range of adjustments.

So they can achieve perfect positioning while maintaining good posture. The Leap V2 is one of the top-rated ergonomic chairs on the market. Features excellent build quality, adjustability options, and comfort. The chair has a sleek design that looks great in any environment. And comes with many different colors to choose from.

It’s perfect for people who spend long hours sitting in their chairs. And want to do so comfortably without straining their back or neck. What makes this chair stand out among its competitors is its adjustability options. 

Steelcase vs Herman Miller: More Ergonomics For Back Support

Ergonomics is a hot topic in the office world. Ergonomics is the science of designing and arranging workplace furniture. To support workers’ comfort, health, and productivity. The importance of ergonomics cannot be overstated as more people are working from home or in small offices.

steelcase leap v2 vs aeron

Ergonomic chairs come with a variety of features. Such as height adjustment, armrests that move up and down, and rocking backrests. Built-in lumbar supports (or optional ones), headrests (some even swivel!), adjustable seat, etc. And, with good reason: research has shown that. Workers who have better posture and support from their chairs.

Experience less pain and fatigue on the job. So if you’re not happy with your current backrest, there are a few more options out there for you to try. One of them is Leap’s LiveBack. Fortunately, ergonomic chairs are like the PostureFit SL. And Leap provides solutions with advanced features that help reduce these symptoms. ,

The PostureFit SL has been clinically proven to improve posture by up to 55% when used correctly. according to an independent study conducted at Oxford. If you’re looking for a new chair that will give your back the ultimate comfort, the Leap is what you need. LiveBack technology provides not only the best lumbar support. But also different firmness levels to make sure it’s as comfortable as possible. With contouring throughout the backrest and a five-inch lumbar height adjustment. You’ll be able to find just the right position so your lower back stays pain-free even if you work long hours at a time.

Leap Motion’s NaturalGlide Makes Gliding Easier

Do you spend hours each day sitting in front of a computer? If so, there’s a good chance that your posture is less than ideal. Luckily, Leap Motion has developed the NaturalGlide system. To help people like you with this problem. The NaturalGlide system is a patented technology that helps make gliding forward in your chair simpler than ever.

You’ll find your ideal zone where you’re close enough to your keyboard. Without having to strain yourself and sit awkwardly for long periods of time! The Leap is designed to fit your body, but that doesn’t mean you can’t customize it for maximum comfort. There are several things you can do to get the most out of your chair.

The armrests are another area that you can tweak for your comfort. Shift the arms from one side to another or backward and forward. You can also adjust the armrests up or down and pivot them in and out.

We’ve Got the Right Fabric For You

Herman miller vs Steelcase, the fabric is the most important part. One of the most common reasons people purchase a new chair is because their old one smells bad. But, with fabric upholstery, you can avoid this problem. In recent years, fabric has become more and more popular in the world of furniture.

As it offers many benefits that leather doesn’t have. For example, it’s much easier to maintain a fabric office chair than a leather one. Due to its softer material, it isn’t prone to showing stains or watermarks. The Leap is available in Buzz 2 fabric, which is pure polyester.

Since polyester is quite breathable, your chair can go longer without smelling. It’s one of the best fabrics for any chair because it has a high level of quality and luxury. That makes it feel like you are sitting on clouds. The plushness of fabric upholstery is one of its biggest benefits. Not to mention it’s usually quite easy to maintain a fabric office chair.

The Colors of the Leap v2

If you’re like me, sometimes you just want a fun color for your chair. The Leap is the chair for you. The Leap chair comes in a variety of colors to suit your needs.

steelcase leap vs aeron

With many colors available, including tangerine and blackberry (yum!). There is something to suit every taste. Leap offers plenty of options in terms of height adjustment. With one-touch settings that make it easy to find the perfect fit. The seat also features high-density foam cushioning which provides both comfort and support.

Have you ever purchased an office chair that arrives in a box? If so, then you know the struggle of having to assemble it yourself. It can take hours just to put one together. It is a fully assembled chair that eliminates this issue for buyers. By shipping the chair pre-assembled.

This Office Chair Arrives Fully Assembled Once you get over the hurdle that is selecting your chair. You then have to put it together when it arrives. Let’s see the pros & cons of Leap V2:


  • Buzz2 fabric is 100% polyester
  • Designed to withstand 24/7 use
  • Ships fully assembled


  • The Leap has a lot of plastic parts
  • Polyester is an okay fabric choice, but it could be better.

Top reviews from some users:

Amazon Customer told that: “Brand new Leap bought directly from Amazon”

scubadude told that: “Chair is okay, warranty through Office Designs/Steelcase less than satisfactory”

Moscato in Seattle told that: “Steelcase feels like sitting on steel”

Katherine R. Mckeon told that: “Is this real or a knockoff?”

Herman Miller vs Steelcase: Comparison Overview

The Herman Miller Aeron and Steelcase Leap are two chairs that many professionals can’t seem to choose between. Both chairs offer a similar amount of comfort, but each chair has its own pros and cons when it comes to features.

Aeron: The Aeron is made with an ergonomic design in mind. So it offers great back support for those who sit for long periods of time at their desk.

Similarities of the Leap vs Aeron

Let’s see the similarities between these two office chairs:

Ergonomic Feature

If you’re looking for an ergonomic chair, there are a lot of options to choose from.

The Aeron and Steelcase leap v2 both have better ergonomic features than the standard office chair. Both chairs are pricy, but they offer features that make them worth the price.

Lumbar Support: A Crucial Part of Healthy Sitting

Sitting is one of the most popular postures in the world. You’re not alone if you work at a desk for hours each day.

And chances are, even if you don’t deal with back pain now, prioritizing lumbar support in your office chair is still wise.

Aeron chairs offer PostureFit SL backrests. That can be adjusted to fit your needs and keep your posture properly upright. So you feel good while sitting down. Leap has Live-back technology for lumbar support.

Armrest Adjustments

The Aeron vs leap v2 comparison is similar. The Aeron doesn’t make as big of a deal out of it. But this office chair does indeed come with fully adjustable armrests.

Steelcase leap V2

The Aeron doesn’t make as big of a deal out of it. But this chair does indeed come with fully adjustable armrests. However, that’s not always the case.

The design and functionality of these chairs are dictated by their respective manufacturers. What one offers might be different from another. So if you find yourself debating between two seemingly identical models. Consider these adjustments before making your final choice.

Steelcase leap vs Aeron: Differences

Let’s see the differences between the Herman Miller Aeron vs Steelcase leap:

Different Types of Wheels

Many people believe that the Leap V2 and Aeron chairs are very similar. However, they have a few differences when it comes to wheels.

herman miller aeron

The Leap V2 has larger casters than the Aeron chair. The size of these casters allows for easier movement on all types of surfaces. Such as carpeting or hardwood floors.

They also prevent rolling away when the person in the chair shifts their weight too much in one direction.

Which Office Chair Is More Firm?

Steelcase vs Herman miller, which is the best?  Sitting for hours at a time can take its toll on your body. This is why it’s important to find the right chair that will keep you comfortable throughout the day.

Some chairs are more firm than others, but which one do you choose? Aeron has an open mesh design with no padding which some people love and others hate.

The Leap offers a more traditional sitting experience with foam padding for extra comfort.

Fabric Could Be the Leap’s Weak Point

A recent survey found that up to 20% of people experience discomfort when sitting in an office chair for long periods. The Leap offers a number of features to reduce back pain. But, there are some concerns about its fabric coverings which could be causing problems with breathability.

The fabric has always been seen as an affordable way. To make furniture more comfortable or attractive. But, some have argued that there are weaknesses with the fabric covering. With this latest generation of chairs, Buzz 2 is made out of a layer of pure polyester fabric. Which has great breathability but might not breathe as well as Pellicle 8Z mesh on the Aeron.

Size Matters: Which Chair is Right for You?

For the last decade, one of the most popular chairs in America has been the Aeron. The chair offers three size options, A through C, for users weighing up to 300+ pounds. But, many other companies have begun to produce ergonomic office chairs. They offer a variety of sizes and adjustment options. One such company is Steelcase with their Leap Chair which can be adjusted in width and depth so it fits all people comfortably. The Aeron boasts an adjustable lumbar support system.

The Leap Has More Colors

The Leap has more colors. You can browse upholstery colors in reds, blues, browns, grays, and purple. The Aeron has three colors: black, white, or gray.

steelcase leap v2 vs aeron

The most popular color is the Maroon-Brown which comes with a chaise lounge option. The green option also looks good for people who want to try something different but not too crazy.

For those looking for comfort without compromising on style, there are many choices of velvet chairs in various shades.

Steelcase Leap V2 VS Aeron: Full Comparison

Let’s see the full comparison of these two chairs:

Aeron and Leap Chairs: Worth the Price?

There are many factors to consider when purchasing a chair. For example, the size of your desk and how much space you have available will determine which type of chair is best for you. Let’s see the comparison of the Steelcase leap v2 vs Aeron.

The Aeron and Leap chairs are both priced at the high end of the office chair category.

steelcase leap vs aeron

With a price tag of $920, the Aeron chair is the most expensive chair on the market. In contrast, the Leap chair starts at just $811, and our test model was nicely equipped for just under $1000.

For those who are interested in ergonomic design but can’t afford an Aeron or don’t want to spend as much money on a Leap. There are many other chairs that offer similar features and comfort levels for a fraction of their cost.


You may not know it, but the chair you’re sitting in has a warranty. The Aeron includes a 12-year warranty, with no exclusions on any of the components of the chair. This includes upholstery, padding, frame, mechanism, casters, etc. The Aeron’s size A version is covered for 24/7 usage and a 300 lbs capacity.

While the B and C sizes come with 350 lbs capacity each. A warranty is a wise investment for your chair. Steelcase offers a similar 12-year warranty. With no exclusions on its chair if you stay within the standard grade of upholstery.

This warranty covers upholstery, padding, frame, mechanism, casters, etc. Like the Herman Miller Warranty, Steelcase backs its Leap Chair with a 24/7 rating. The difference is that the standard-size leap chair is rated up to 400 lbs and the oversize option is up to 500 lbs.

Fully Assembled Shipping

The best office chairs ship fully assembled. A typical desk chair will need assembly and usually includes a list of the tools needed to put it together. But, some companies have opted for a simpler approach.

And include their chairs completely assembled. The Aeron and Leap are two of the most expensive products on the list. With that price tag comes a set of expectations. While most inexpensive furniture this size requires assembly. Herman Miller and Steelcase have decided against that. Both ship their chairs completely assembled.

Build Quality: Who Has the Best?

The quality of a chair is usually not the first thing that consumers consider when they are looking for furniture. It can be difficult to know what it takes to produce high-quality furniture. but there are certain things that give clues as to how well-built something is.

steelcase leap vs herman miller aeron

For example, many of the top brands use components specifically made for their products. And they manufacture these parts in-house instead of pulling them off a shelf from another company.

If you’re after a chair with high build quality, these chairs are two of the best in the class. The Aeron Chair scored the highest in the category with a 95/100 and the Leap a 90/100. Aeron Chair is a fantastic chair that has been around for 20 years.

Aeron was designed by Bill Stumpf and Don Chadwick, two designers who worked at Herman Miller Inc. during the 1990s, and it still remains one of the most popular chairs in use today. Its design has become iconic. Especially its unique mesh upholstery. That offers incredible comfort while still maintaining an airy feel to it.

What is the Scope of Users Score?

Many people are unaware of the importance of understanding how likely a chair is to fit properly. When we score this category, we use a single chair’s ability to fit all users properly.

herman miller aeron

We feel this is especially important for those looking to buy for large offices or shared work areas. The scope of users’ scores can be tricky. Because there are many variables that need to consider. When evaluating the usability and comfortability in general. Including but not limited to back height, arm height, seat depth, etc.

The Aeron Chair is a chair that was designed in the 1980s and has since been re-designed. And released as the Aeron Remastered. The design of this chair is such that it accommodates people who are tall, short, or average. Despite its popularity with those who work at an office desk for 8 hours a day.

There are still some drawbacks to this type of chair when looking at the scope of users. In the latest rating of the Aeron Chair, it scored 66/100 for the scope of users. The rating is based on how well a chair accommodates people with different body types and sizes. The Aeron Chair scored very high in our ergonomics category (93/100). And was able to accommodate most of the population in that area.

But, they were not as successful when it came to their approach. To accommodate people with different-sized bodies. The Leap chair is our second-ranked chair for the scope of users. Falling behind the Steelcase Gesture chair. The Leap does a great job at hitting almost every area of adjustment.

With a clear focus on the 5th to 95th percentile of the population. The one major drawback to this chair is that it doesn’t provide any way to adjust lumbar support. or recline in an upright position. The Leap has adjustable armrests and seat depth.

Seat Comfort!

“How does the person sitting on a chair change its comfort?” This is one of the most subjective things about a chair. Which is something we try our best to explain through all our content.

When we score seats, they are based on an average of nine users from our office. With a good mix of ages and body types, we’re able to get a pretty good idea of how most would feel about a seat’s overall comfort. After surveying over 200 users of the Aeron chair.

Herman Miller came up with an average score of 74 out of 100 for this popular piece of furniture. The Aeron Chair scored 74 out of 100 on Seat Comfort Test which put it in 14th place overall. There was some variance with scoring though as some users scored 50 or lower. While others were in the upper 90s for comfortability.

For those who are looking for a new chair to sit in, the Leap Chair is an excellent option. If we compare Steelcase Leap VS Herman Miller Aeron seat comfort.  The Leap Chair is quite different from the Aeron that many people know and love. With more of a traditional padded seat, there was more given to the Leaps seat pad.

The front of the seat pan is also flexible which provides additional give to this chair. Reducing pressure on your legs if you’re sitting for long periods of time at work or home.

Who Is The Winner?

Herman Miller Aeron Wins Best Chair Competition. The final showdown between the Herman Miller Aeron and the Steelcase Leap was long-awaited. By many in the design world, but it was not without its own drama.


Herman Miller Aeron: The Winner Chair

Herman Miller Aeron: The Winner Chair

– Recycled Material- Chair dimensions: 41″ H x 27″ W x 16.75″ D. Seat heights: 16”-20.5”.
– Fully Adjustable Arms
– Tilt Limiter lets you set the recline range at one of three postures.

View on Amazon


The two chairs were neck-and-neck for most of their competition until the end. When, with just minutes left on the clock, a single judge switched his vote to declare yes.

In-office chairs as in everything else, a higher price is often representative of quality. The Herman Miller Aeron chair was originally designed by Don Chadwick and Bill Stumpf in the late 1980s. For seating professionals who spend hours at a time working on their computers. It has since been continuously updated to reflect new ergonomic research. While maintaining that iconic look that’s still popular today.

Bottom Line

Steelcase Leap vs Herman miller Aeron – The Aeron and Leap are two of the most iconic ergonomic chairs on the market. They both have a variety of adjustments. Can be upholstered in different ways, and have high backs to provide back support.

If you want a chair with a lot of adjustabilities that will last for years then the Aeron is likely your best bet. The Leap has less adjustability. But provides more lumbar support than many other office chairs. You can buy whatever you want.

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