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Office Chair Gas Cylinder Stuck In Base: How Do I Fix It?

Gas cylinder for an office chair stuck in the base? Not to worry! This is a common problem that is also quite fixable. The following advice will assist you in starting to fix the cylinder on your chair if it is stuck in the base or up position:

To start, try back and forth wriggling the cylinder to see if you can free it from its jam. Try tapping on the chair’s base with a hard item if that doesn’t work. If the cylinder is still stuck, you might need to drill a small hole in the chair’s base so you can wriggle the cylinder free with a screwdriver.

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Continue reading if you can’t get the cylinder out of the chair. I experienced this a few months ago. I was on an extremely uncomfortable office chair because the pneumatic gas cylinder got trapped in the chair base.

After much study, I discovered the best fixes for the cylinder that was trapped in the chair base. I’ll demonstrate the best and simplest ways to fix an office chair’s stuck gas lift in this blog article.

What is a gas cylinder?

Office Chair Gas Cylinder
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Under the seat of an adjustable office chair, there is a tiny, spherical cylinder called an office chair gas cylinder. The office chair may be raised or lowered to the ideal height using this cylinder, which is filled with compressed air. The chair has a control lever that the user may use to raise or lower the seat that is connected to the gas cylinder.

One advantage of an office chair gas cylinder is that it makes it simple and quick for the user to change the seat’s height. People who have to work all day at various heights or in various positions may particularly benefit from this. The gas lift chair is also significantly more stable than a typical office chair since it is less prone to flip over.

Why does a gas cylinder get stuck in the base?

The fact that the cylinder is not correctly aligned with the base is one of the most frequent causes of a gas cylinder being stuck in the base of an office chair. Numerous factors, such as an uneven floor, improper assembly, or simple wear and tear over time, may be to blame for this.

office chair gas cylinder stuck

Your office chair’s gas cylinder may also get stuck in the base due to a faulty piston inside the cylinder. The chair may fall over or someone may sit on it too firmly to cause this. You will need to replace the complete gas cylinder if the piston is damaged.

The O-ring that seals the gas cylinder may be worn out or broken, which is another frequent cause of a jammed gas cylinder. The cylinder may leak as a result, which will eventually cause it to become trapped in the base. There are a few things you may attempt to fix the gas cylinder in your office chair if it is stuck in the base.

Office chair cylinder stuck in base: How to fix?

An office chair cylinder getting stuck in the wheelbase is a common problem. There are a few methods you can use to get your chair back in working order:

  • Tap the cylinder’s base lightly with a rubber mallet. This may occasionally help to free the jammed cylinder.
  • Attempt removing the cylinder’s screw from the base. You might be able to perform this without a wrench, or you might need one.
  • You might need to replace the cylinder if the aforementioned fixes don’t work. You may do this step quite easily by according to the directions in your chair’s handbook.

Office chair gas cylinder stuck? Use a rubber mallet

If you have an office chair with a gas cylinder that is stuck in the chair base, you can try using a little elbow grease and a rubber mallet.

How to fix an office chair cylinder stuck in the base
  1. The gas cylinder should first be taken off of the chair base. If it’s stuck, you might need to carefully tap it out with a hammer. (The chair base must first be removed in order to remove the cylinder.)
  2. The top of the gas cylinder should then be softly tapped with a rubber mallet. This will aid in removing the jammed component.
  3. Reinstall the gas cylinder to the chair base and check that it is positioned correctly before doing so. Put it in position by gently tapping it with the rubber mallet.

With these simple steps, you’ll have your gas cylinder back in working order in no time!

Office chair gas cylinder stuck? Unscrew the cylinder

With a few simple tools, you can unscrew the cylinder from the base and get your chair back in working order.

  1. First, take the chair’s seat off. You’ll have access to the gas cylinder as a result. Next, remove the big nut holding the gas cylinder to the chair base with a wrench. You may unscrew the cylinder from the base after the nut has become free.
  2. Look at the O-ring that connects the gas cylinder to the base right now. This O-ring must be changed if it is damaged. Replacement O-rings are often available at hardware stores.
  3. Simply screw the gas cylinder back into the base after you have a new O-ring. In order to keep the nut in place, make sure you hand-tighten it. All that’s left to do is re-attach the chair’s seat.

Gas cylinder/hydraulic replacement

Office Chair Gas cylinder replacement

How to replace the gas cylinder in the office chair? With a few simple tools, you can replace the gas cylinder and have your chair working like new in no time.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to replacing an office chair gas cylinder:

  1. From the chair base, take out the used gas cylinder. A wrench is required to remove the bolts holding it in place.
  2. The chair base should now contain the new gas cylinder. Make sure the bolts are tightly tightened.
  3. Check the chair’s functionality by using it. Examine the gas cylinder by sitting in it and raising and lowering the seat.

That’s it! You’ve successfully replaced your office chair gas cylinder.

How to disassemble an office chair gas cylinder to repair it?

disassemble an office chair gas cylinder

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to disassemble an office chair gas cylinder: 

  1. First, remove the seat from the chair. This will give you easier access to the gas cylinder.
  2. Next, take a look at the gas cylinder and identify the screw that’s holding it in place. In most cases, this will be a hex screw.
  3. Use a wrench or pliers to loosen the screw and then remove it.
  4. With the screw removed, the gas cylinder should now be loose. Carefully remove it from the chair base.
  5. Once the gas cylinder is out, you can now proceed to disassemble it. To do this, start by removing the top cap.
  6. With the top cap removed, you should now be able to see the piston inside the cylinder.
  7. Use a wrench or pliers to remove the nut that’s holding the piston in place.
  8. With the nut removed, the piston should now be loose. Carefully remove it from the cylinder.
  9. You can now proceed to reassemble the gas cylinder. Start by putting the piston back into the cylinder.
  10. Use a wrench or pliers to put the nut back on and tighten it in place.
  11. Put the top cap back on and screw it in place.
  12. Finally, put the gas cylinder back into the chair base and screw it in place.

And that’s it! 

Can’t remove the cylinder from the chair? If you aren’t able to remove the gas cylinder from an office chair, you can see our detailed guide here.

Hydraulic chair stuck in up position: How to fix it?

Hydraulic chair stuck in up position

If your hydraulic chair is stuck in the up position, there are a few things you can do to try and fix it. 

  • To begin with, make sure the chair is fastened in the upright position. If so, just unlock it and let the chair settle back into its upright position.
  • Then check to see if anything is preventing the chair from being lowered. Debris can occasionally get caught in the mechanism and keep the chair from moving. If nothing is in the way of the chair, try rocking it back and forth several times. Sometimes doing this might loosen the mechanism, allowing the chair to lower.
  • The gas lift must then be examined after that. The chair may not be able to return to the down position if the gas lift is malfunctioning. Simply swap out the gas lift for a to remedy this.

By following these simple steps you can easily fix your gas lift chair that is stuck in the up position.

Can you re-gas a gas-operated chair?

It’s vital to consult with the manufacturer before regassing the majority of gas-operated chairs. You’ll need to get a gas can and gas line from a hardware shop if you need to re-gas your chair. It’s important to carefully follow the manufacturer’s recommendations when re-gassing a gas-operated chair since doing it improperly can be deadly.

Final thoughts

If your office chair’s gas cylinder is stuck in the base, you can try to fix it yourself using a few simple tools that we have shown you above. If that doesn’t work, you can call a professional to help you out.

If your chair’s condition is too worse or you don’t want to repair it then you can purchase a fully reclining office chair instead.

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