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The 11 Best Modern White Desks With Drawers Under $100

Want a white desk for less than $100? The style of table is the contemporary white desks with drawers. They are intended to be used as storage for office materials. Pencils, pencils, paper clips, and other supplies that you might require for business or study. You may use it as a workplace to complete your assignments.
These desks contain three to four, and occasionally five, drawers. and will often range in size from 36′′x24′′ to 60′′x36′′.
A computer station could also be included with a contemporary white desk with drawers. or a device for charging. Another type of table is a desk. When a table is sufficiently altered, a desk results. In the present day, desks are quite handy.

because the duty of individuals is growing daily. However, the area is not growing. Everything must be in one location for them. Therefore, without a desk, there is nothing else to please them. Nothing to say about a contemporary desk.

It is fantastic. Again, if the desk is white, the arrangement is ideal.
It must be acknowledged that you have a fantastic option if you want contemporary white desks with drawers. Finding the greatest contemporary desk on a tight budget, however, is not an easy feat. Modern desks are widely accessible online.


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But it might be challenging to pick the ideal one inside your price range from among them. But do not fret. Our goal is to assist you.
We’ve included the top 11 contemporary white desks under $100 in this post. We’ll start by showing you the top 11 desks on our list. Next, we’ll present to you our top selection. We shall then go on to the following action. Please continue reading!

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List of the top 11 modern white desks under $100

This is our selected top 11 desks list for this year. I hope you’ll love it all.

  1. Convenience concepts
  2. Ameriwood Home Haven Retro desks
  3. Amazon Basics Classic Home Office cheap computer desk
  4. Ameriwood Home Parsons desks with drawers
  5. Walker Edison Wright Modern X Leg desks
  6. Ameriwood Home Parsons Xl modern desks
  7. Novogratz desks with gold legs
  8. Monarch Specialties desks office depot
  9. OneSpace Stanton white desks
  10. Flash Furniture Highland Park White Computer Desks
  11. Posh Pollen Ainsley desks for makeup

If you don’t have enough time to read out our full article then you can check our selected no. 01 item Ameriwood Home Parsons modern white desks:

Top Pick


Ameriwood Home Parsons modern desks under $100

– Perfect for your laptop and paperwork
– Assembled dimensions: 30”h x 39”w x 19.7”d
– This Parsons Desk is constructed of laminated particleboard and MDF

View On Amazon


The top contemporary white desk with drawers for under $100 is this one. I really hope you enjoy it. These workstations are suitable for usage everywhere, including the business or your home. Please continue on if you have time to read the entire essay.

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Common Types of desks with storage

Please see the common types of desks first. This will help you to choose the perfect modern white desks with drawers:

  • Writing Desks
  • Secretary Desks
  • Computer Desk
  • Executive Desks
  • Credenza Desks
  • Floating Desks

Writing desks: If you’re looking for a clean, practical surface to work on your writing or typing projects. Consider purchasing a writing desk.

modern white desks with drawers

Most of the time, the finest writing desks are simple. White hues and few storage compartments are used. They often have tiny, compact forms that don’t occupy much room and have little to no aesthetic appeal.

A writing desk is an option if you’re seeking for compact desks for your bedroom. In this piece, we’ll look at a contemporary white writing desk with drawers.

Secretary desk: Desks for secretaries An extremely common piece of furniture are secretary desks. They are in people’s homes, workplaces, and classrooms. They have the classic appeal of an old desk. nevertheless provide contemporary comforts like pencils and paper storage.

white desks under $100

There are cubbies on a secretary’s desk as well. They are ideal for elevating your laptop off the ground so you may work while doing so. Or to arrange any additional office supplies you might want. For individuals who must manually finish papers, secretary desks are the best solution. They include storage and cubbies.

They’re therefore ideal for freelance writers or apartment dwellers who operate from home. If you enjoy writing a lot and adore the character of antique furniture, these are fantastic options. Or if you just lack space in your home but still want to work from home occasionally.

These desks frequently have a little hutch on top. It serves as additional workspace in addition to being meant for storage.

Computer Desk: The computing industry has evolved. More and more individuals are replacing desktop computers with laptops. Many people’s desks now have more room as a result of this. For the majority of households, the computer desk has become essential furniture.

cheap computer desk

This is a result of the widespread usage of computers by individuals. from engaging in online activities, playing games, and finishing homework. It might be practical to have all of your devices in one location.

However, many families may discover that they have more room than they require. Computer desks are made for the typical home desktop user who need quick access to a monitor, computer tower, and printer.

Executive desks: An executive desk could be the ideal addition to your home office for a variety of reasons. It is classy and professional as a status symbol and gives your place a sense of authority.

white desks office depot

They are often higher than regular workstations to comfortably fit taller persons. If you’re not very tall yourself, this means that you’ll still feel like you have plenty of space for your job.

Making presentations or working on many tasks at once is made possible by the flat surface. Business doesn’t use executive desks. They are more frequently employed in commercial offices than in homes, yet they give any home office a royal air.

For business people, executive desks are ideal. with aspiration and a sincere want to amaze customers. The executive desk is typically 72 inches long, 36 inches deep, and flat. The user’s vision is enhanced by the smooth surface on top. at conferences or meetings.

Credenza Desks:  If you need a bit extra room to work, credenza desks are a fantastic option for executive desks. They may be put to use next to or behind an executive desk. Additionally, they come in a wide range of styles to meet your demands.

white desks on sale

For serious professionals who need extra room to spread out while working, credenza desks are fantastic. On occasion, they resemble secretary desks. but feel more contemporary. Don’t even leave room for a chair to fit below.

Due to the fact that they are designed to be placed behind or adjacent to an executive desk. The use of credenza desks is a terrific technique to increase workspace without purchasing brand-new desks. Desks with credenzas are a style that is intended for serious professionals.

Floating Desks: When they consider the term “desk.” Typically, people see a floor-mounted, rectangular table with legs. When researching furniture alternatives for contemporary living spaces, the word desk is hardly considered.

white desks with glass top

For this reason, floating desks are a great choice. Floating desks have very little and are attached to the wall. Or have no side supports, which makes them ideal for condominiums and compact flats. And such quaint areas where larger workstations could give the impression that the room is too tiny.

When folded up against the wall, some floating desks include a glass top that lets you see what is on your desk. These workstations are suitable for condominiums and flats that require flexibility. but is unable to fit a bigger workstation.

Top 11 Modern white desks Reviews

See the detailed review of the selected top 11 modern desks with drawers

Convenience concepts modern white desks

Convenience concepts

A brand-new desk for students from Convenience Concepts. Tools2Go Designs This patient needs a student desk. The assembly requires no tools. And assembling it only takes a few minutes. many storage racks Additionally, the stainless steel poles on this desk give any area a touch of beauty and sophistication!

A multinational business with a focus on office supplies is called Convenience Concepts. This desk will survive throughout your whole academic career thanks to its sturdy stainless steel poles!

Let’s see the pros & cons of the Convenience concepts:


  • Multiple Shelves for Storage
  • Good user rating
  • Price is low


  • Good for the students
  • No keyboard tray

Top reviews from some users:

Karen told that: “Great little desk!”

Amazon Customer told that: “5.0 out of 5 stars I want people to know that this is a great product unless you didn’t do your homework!!! “

Six told that: “So happy with this purchase!”

Melissa S Told: “Super easy assembly and great little desk”

Amber F. told that: “We love it!”

Ewa Langer told that: “Great computer desk”

Ameriwood Home Haven Retro Desk With Riser- parsons desks

Ameriwood Home Haven Retro desks

Finding a work-from-home option for tiny places is never easy. You need the appropriate furniture with lots of storage. However, there is also ample room for your laptop and paperwork. Fortunately, Ameriwood Home carries the desk you need. With their Retro Computer Desk with Riser, Haven. The market is filled with a wide variety of vintage desks with risers. For those searching for a well-made, classic-appearing desk, the Ameriwood Home Haven Retro Desk with Riser is ideal. it features below storage compartments.
The desk features powder-coated metal hairpin legs and is available in a bright white color. That has a distinctive appearance and is sturdy enough to support all of your belongings without any problems.

There is a ton of storage available on this desk. a workplace where you may keep your laptop, notebook, and documents. This desk is ideal for compact places. also provides an additional storage space on top of the desk to arrange workplace materials. Listed below are Ameriwood Home Haven Retro’s benefits and drawbacks:


  • Perfect work-from-home solution
  • Perfect for small spaces
  • Have extra storage


  • The Desk can hold up to 70 lbs. only

Top reviews of some users:

CBGrundy told that: “Perfect for small spaces”

Amazon Customer told that: “Best desk ever.”

Sara S. told that: “Great style at a low price!”

Marina Told that: “Good buy.”

Christa told that: “Love it!”

SW MICH Shopper told that: “Great desk and reasonable price.”

Amazon Basics Classic Home Office cheap computer desk

Amazon Basics Classic computer desk

Amazon Basics can provide you with a new home office desk if you’re in the market. The ideal computer desk for any home office is this traditional model. dormitory, a place of study, or a workstation.

Two open-sided wood storage shelves are attached to the sturdy metal frame. And either the left or right side may be used to construct a large desktop. Hardware and instructions are supplied for simple assembly.

The benefits and drawbacks of the traditional home office inexpensive computer desk from Amazon Basic are as follows:


  • Easy assembly
  • 2-shelf desk ideal for home office
  • Wide desktop


  • No drawers
  • No keyboard tray

Top reviews of some users:

Aimee Ortiz told that: “love at first sight”

CL Paul told that: “Great Desk for a Kids Room”

KM. told that: “Nice sturdy desk at a good price! Easy to assemble!”

Joul Told that: “Extremely satisfied! Easy to assemble and surprisingly sturdy”

Ameriwood Home Parsons white desks with drawers

Ameriwood Home Parsons desks

The Parsons Desk with Drawer from Ameriwood Home is the ideal complement for your home office. This desk has enough space for a laptop and documents in addition to holding all of your modest office supplies.

It takes two people to complete the straightforward assembly, but you could certainly do it solo if you had to.

Before ordering this desk, make sure you have the area because the completed measurements are 30′′h x 39′′w x 19.7′′d. I like my Parsons Desk with Drawer from Ameriwood Home. since it’s inexpensive and ideal for my workplace. This is the ideal choice if you’re seeking for desks that cost less than $100.

Let’s see the pros & cons of Ameriwood Home Person’s modern white desks:


  • Will be your perfect home office accessory
  • The spacious desktop is perfect for your laptop and paperwork
  • Long-lasting


  • 2 people are required for this simple assembly.

Top reviews of some users:

JadoreMilan MUA told that: “love it”

M told that: “A MUST BUY”

Madeleine L. Stavarz told that: “Wonderful desk to use as a vanity!”

Valerie O Told that: “Five Stars”

Hailee Gopinath told that: “Great little desk! Exactly what I needed”

Walker Edison Wright Modern X Leg desks with glass top

Walker Edison Wright Modern desks

Look no further if you want a high-quality workstation with all the bells and whistles. The gaming desk with glass top and X legs by Walker Edison Wright. is made to accommodate any arrangement of displays and gaming accessories. with side surfaces capable of supporting up to 50 lbs.

The top surfaces on each and every corner can support up to 20 lbs. Additionally, a tabletop constructed of tempered safety glass is included. This has a gorgeous appearance and endurance.

You may link 2 desks using the Walker Edison Wright Modern X Leg Glass Top Corner Gaming Desk. to make a room for gaming that is ideal for numerous monitors. The best-known producer of contemporary tables is Walker Edison Wright. Their workstation layouts draw on ergonomics.

Let’s see the pros & cons of Walker Edison desks with glass tops:


  • Modern X Leg Glass Top
  • Given step-by-step instructions


  • Each corner top surface supports up to 20 Ibs. only

Top reviews of some users:

Engr. Jay Mendoza told that: “Well worth the price.”

Dylan Conner told that: “easy to modify to suit your needs”

Nick J. told that: “5.0 out of 5 stars and they look awesome”

uili kaveinga Told that: “Easy assembly”

Ameriwood Home Parsons Xl desks

Ameriwood Home Parsons Xl

For any home office or den, the Ameriwood Home Parsons Large Desk with 2 Drawers is the ideal choice. Modern desks with drawers like the Ameriwood Home Parsons Xl are a terrific choice. For people who want to improve their home office.

Ameriwood home office desk There is plenty of workspaces, storage, and two times as many drawers on this pre-assembled desk. The desktop is delivered in one piece, allowing you to quickly attach the legs and get to work.

With measurements of 30″h x 47.7″w x 19.7″d, this item weighs 40 pounds when it is shipped. This desk has twice as many drawers and twice as much room. for improved storage and functionality. The hollow core of the desk is laminated.


  • Constructed of laminated hollow core
  • Sturdy and long-lasting
  • Fits perfectly in your home office or den


  • No glass top

Top reviews of some users:

Chrisserdy told that: “Amazing quality for the price!”

Jeanne C. told that: “Quit complaining, it’s less than $100”

Bjarne Bartlett told that: “It’s super cheap!”

Novogratz white desks with gold legs under $80

Novogratz desk

Are you trying to improve your workspace? Look at these gold-legged Novogratz workstations. This desk is portable and simple to maintain. and its fake White Marble desktop will give your room a fashionable appeal. and metal hairpin legs with gold powder coating.

The desk is already put together so you may use it straight away. Gold-legged Novogratz desks are the ideal enhancement for any contemporary workplace setting. A modern piece of furniture, the Novogratz Athena computer desk with storage is sleek and stylish. made of particleboard with a PVC lamination.

Here are some benefits and drawbacks of Novogratz white desks:


  • Modern desk
  • This lightweight
  • The desktop can support up to 80 lbs


  • No keyboard tray
  • No drawers

Top reviews of some users:

Desaree told that: “THIS DESK IS STUNNING!”

Packergirl42092 told that: “More than I expected!!”

michelle told that: “Impressive! Great quality, looks great, sturdy construction”

Monarch Specialties Modern White Desks Office Depot

Monarch Specialties desk

Office furniture is the area of expertise for Monarch Specialties. If you want to finish off your workplace area with a clean, modern design. The Monarch Specialties Desk from Office Depot is ideal in that case. There is a sizable floating top work area on this desk.

That is only awaiting your computer screen or keyboard and mouse. This desk is made of white particle board and melamine, making it lightweight. nevertheless strong enough to support up to 80 pounds. There is a lot of storage space with two drawers and one roomy filing drawer. so that you may organize all of your paperwork.

If you have enough budget then it will be perfect for you.

Let’s see the pros & cons of Monarch Specialties’ white desks:


  • Weight capacity-80 pounds
  • Two drawers with silver-colored hardware
  • Sleek silver track metal legs


  • Assembly Required
  • Price is high

Top reviews of some users:

US told that: “I’m so glad I got this desk for myself”

Christopher told that: “You have to set yourself up for success while building this desk.”

cerulean28 told that: ” Love it”

C. Okamuro Told that: “Nice desk for the price (or even a bit more)”

OneSpace Stanton white parsons desk

OneSpace Stanton desk

With a white steel frame and white oak MDF, the OneSpace Stanton Desk has a sophisticated and stylish appearance. The keyboard shelf that pulls out is the ideal location. to keep your tablet or laptop when not in use. Files, books, periodicals, and other items may all be stored on the lower shelf. That could make your workstation look messy.

In addition, there is an additional shelf of storage beneath for all of your office materials. This desk can fit in any area you require thanks to its small size! It conforms with Phase 2 of CARB. Here are some benefits and drawbacks of OneSpace Stanton desks:


  • Sleek and elegant design
  • Bottom storage shelf
  • White Steel frame


  • 1-year limited warranty

Top reviews of some users:

Ryan M told that: “An excellent buy!”

Kahzria Daedryk told that: “Space Saver, But Not for the Extreme Gamer”

PaPe told that: “I really love this little desk”

A. Yelle Told that: “Pleasantly surprised!”

Flash Furniture Highland Park White Computer Desks For Teenagers

Flash Furniture desks

It’s crucial to have a location allocated specifically for work when working from home. You can stay productive and keep focused by doing this. Teenagers will love these contemporary white desks. A computer desk is essential for any home office, and having one that will keep your area organized is even more crucial.

You can keep organized with ease using this Flash Furniture Desk with Shelves. Including the desired contemporary style. It has a location for your CPU or laptop as well as open and protected storage sections. Additionally, there is a sliding keyboard tray that makes keeping on task simpler than ever.


  • Partial privacy panel
  • Contemporary style fits nicely in your living room
  • Open and enclosed storage


  • Difficult to assemble

Top reviews of some users:

Kathy L. Starr told that: “Nice desk for the price just difficult to assemble”

Justin and Leslie Seas told that: “This is perfect for our 9-year-old daughter”

Posh Pollen Ainsley desks for makeup

Posh Pollen Ainsley Vanity Desk

Finding a vanity desk that is both stylish and practical is really difficult. I’ve had trouble finding one in the past, but this Posh Pollen Ainsley Vanity Desk was perfect for me! This beauty offers enough of storage room for all my cosmetics in addition to having a gorgeous appearance. There are two pull-out drawers that open easily thanks to metal slides.

A multipurpose piece of furniture, the Posh Pollen Ainsley Vanity Desk can improve any space. Two pull-out drawers and an elegant beveled mirror are included in this vanity desk. more cupboard space for toiletries or cosmetics. The desk’s gorgeous inside brushed chrome hardware is visible when the top is lifted.

It also has a built-in power outlet and a USB port. Which should be installed and used by appropriate electrical codes and regulations. Let’s see the pros & cons of Posh Pollen Ainsley white desks for makeup:


  • Anti-tarnish Felt Lining
  • 2 pull-out drawers effortlessly slide on metal glides
  • Top lifts to reveal beveled vanity mirror and additional storage space


  • Price is high

Top reviews of some users:

Carrie told that: “Beautiful, well-constructed desk and vanity”

Who_Nurse told that: “Beautiful solid piece of furniture”

Nikki M told that: “Great purchase, looks great!”

amazonloverfromtn Told that: “looks so nice!”

Buying Guide

It might be challenging to choose the ideal workstation for your home office. It might be overwhelming to know where to begin with so many possibilities! The variety of desks makes it difficult to choose a white desk. And there are different forms. The following considerations should be made when purchasing a white desk.

Desk varieties: There are several varieties of desks. I’ve already shown to you before in this essay. Size of the desk: You must adhere to the desk’s measurements if you choose to purchase one. The size of the workstation is crucial.

A desk purchase is a significant choice. How much surface area you need to have is the first thing you should think about. And what form would look best in your bedroom or office? Next, pick a material and style that suit your own preferences.

Finally, prior to purchasing one, determine how much storage you require! A contemporary white desk is a crucial piece of furniture for your bedroom or workplace.

Retro Desk with Riser: Perfect for You

These days, vintage desks with risers are gaining popularity. There are several furniture places where you may get desks with drawers.

However, not all of them will work for your requirements. You need to do some study to discover the ideal vintage desk with a riser. before making the ideal purchase for you. Retro desk with riser from Ameriwood Home The retro desk from Ameriwood Home Haven has a classic appearance. Most houses will find that to be useful.


I have shown you each and every point about modern white desks with drawers. If you read our article fully you may have no doubts to choose the perfect desk for your workspace.

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