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How to Take Apart Steelcase Cubicle Walls: A Step-By-Step Guide

Steelcase cubicle walls may be an excellent way to provide seclusion to an open office space, but they can also be difficult to disassemble when you need to move them. We’ll walk you through the process of taking down cubicle walls in this article.

A step-by-step guide to taking apart Steelcase cubicle walls

Understanding how to disassemble Steelcase cubicle walls may be useful knowledge to have, whether you’re trying to update your office space or simply need to do some repairs. Here is a little explanation on how to accomplish it:

how to take apart steelcase cubicle walls
Steelcase Cubicle Walls
  1. Start by taking off the wall cap at the end. You can do this by using a screwdriver or other flat tool to carefully peel it off.
  2. You can see the end of the wall panels after the cap has been removed. The screws holding them in place can be unscrewed in order to get rid of these.
  3. You can see the wall’s metal structure once the panels have been taken off. The bolts holding it together may be unscrewed to disassemble this.
  4. The individual Steelcase walls may now be disassembled after the frame has been taken out. Simply tearing them apart at the seams will remove them.
  5. And that’s it!
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Materials you need to take apart Steelcase cubicle walls

Continue reading if you want to learn “how to disassemble cubicle walls” or if you intend to take apart your cubicle walls. A few supplies and tools are required to complete the operations. You will need a drill and some drill bits to start.

You’ll also need a hammer, a pry bar, and a screwdriver. Additionally, you’ll require some replacement supplies like wood screws and drywall. You will also need a measuring tape to ensure that everything is cut to the appropriate size.

It might be a bit of a challenge to take down your cubicle walls, but if you have the necessary supplies and equipment, you can accomplish it. Therefore, collect your supplies and go to work!

How to disassemble cubicle walls? Remove the cap first

Cubicle walls cap

You must first locate the wall’s end cap. It is typically seen close to the floor, at the extreme end of the wall. Once you’ve located it, pull it off with a screwdriver or other similar instrument. You should be able to see the screws holding the wall together once the end cap has been removed. The screws at the top of the wall should be taken out first.

Next, carefully begin to disassemble the wall as you make your way below. The cubicle panels and any other parts may be taken out after the wall has been disassembled. Simply repeat the process in reverse to put the wall back together.

Remove the wall panels

You must take the wall panel from your Steelcase walls after removing the cap from the wall’s end. Do this by following my instructions:

  • Remove the top panel first. You will be able to reach the screws holding the remaining panels in place as a result.
  • Use a screwdriver to remove the screws holding the panels in place if your cubicle has a metal frame.
  • You might be able to just peel the panels off of your cubicle if it has cloth panels. Move down from the top panel after starting there.
  • When removing the panels, take care not to harm the walls or the panels themselves.

With a little bit of effort, you should be able to remove your wall panels and breathe new life into your cubicle space!

How to remove cubicle walls: Take apart the metal frame

How to remove cubicle walls? There are a few different ways to take apart the metal frame to remove the walls. 

  • To remove the frame from the wall in the first step, use screws. The screws holding the frame in place can be taken out to do this.
  • Using a pry bar to remove the frame away from the wall is another method for disassembling it. To do this, position the pry bar between the frame and the wall and push or pull on it to pry the two apart.

You’re now able to take apart the individual walls.

Putting the wall back together

Steelcase answer cubicles

To re-install everything, you need to reverse the steps that you have followed to take apart the cubicle walls. In short:

  • Put the panels back up on your walls. Move up from the bottom panels starting at the bottom. Verify that the frame is firmly fastened to each panel.
  • Any support beams or other components that you had previously removed can be reattached once all the panels have been installed.

That’s it! Your walls are now ready to use.

How to remove cubicle walls: More tips

I’ve already demonstrated to you how simple and quick it is to disassemble Steelcase cubicle walls. However, what will you do if the desks or storage need to be removed? I’ll now explain how to remove those fixtures from your walls.

Remove the shelving on Steelcase cubicle walls

There are a few steps you must take in order to remove shelves from the Steelcase cubicle walls. You must first take out the screws holding the shelves in place. After that, you must take off the brackets that hold the shelves in place. The shelf itself needs to be removed last. You should be able to quickly remove the shelf from your Steelcase walls using a few basic tools.

Taking apart desks from cubicle walls

Although it can be a little challenging, removing desks from Steelcase walls is manageable with the correct equipment and a little bit of knowledge. To start, grab the required tools: a hammer, a screwdriver, and a power drill.

Find the screws securing the desk to the wall next. After gently removing the desk from the wall, remove the screws using the power drill.

If the desk is extremely difficult to remove, you might need to first remove the screws with the screwdriver and hammer before prying the desk away from the wall. During this process, take care not to harm the desk or the wall.

You may then proceed to deconstruct the desk if necessary after it has been unfastened and taken down from the wall. Simply take out the screws holding the desk together to accomplish this. The desk should be simple to disassemble after the screws are removed. That’s all, then! Desks should be easy to take down from walls with a small bit of work.


Start by mounting the shelves to the wall before reinstalling the desks. Attach the workstations to the shelves when they are set up. Make sure the desks are firmly fixed to prevent them from shifting.

That’s all, then! You are now prepared to start working because your new workstations and shelves are in place.

Final thoughts

I have shown you a step-by-step guide on how to take apart Steelcase cubicle walls and re-installing them back. Before removing cubicle walls must disconnect the power. In short:

  • Disconnect the power
  • Remove the cap
  • Removing the wall panels
  • Take apart the metal frame
  • Take apart the individual walls
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