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How to raise office chair without lever | Adjusting the office chair

How to raise office chair without lever –

You can find different types of office chairs on the market. Some of them are star chairs and extended-height chairs. An industrial chair,  and so on. All the chairs are designed for much comfort and to make your work easier.

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If you’re sitting in a chair and your chair doesn’t have a lever to raise the seat, don’t worry – there’s still a way to adjust the height. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Place your hands on the seat of the chair and push down.
  2. While pushing down on the seat, use your feet to push up on the base of the chair.
  3. Keep pushing until the seat is at the desired height.
  4. To lower the seat, follow the same steps in reverse.

Now you know how to adjust the height of your office chair without a lever!

But you will face a big issue when your most expensive office chair won’t stay up and down or your multifunction chair won’t recline.  You don’t need to take any stretch. Because I will show you How to raise an office chair without a lever or how to adjust your office chair.

Why your office chair won’t rise?

There are a few reasons why your multifunction chair might have a problem. Or not have the chair adjustment levers to adjust the height. The first thing is that you might have an old-fashioned chair.

Or a non-pneumatic chair that is adjusted using large screws instead of the more common pneumatic lift. Another thing is your chair might also be damaged and missing the adjustment levers.

And the last and final reason for not having adjustment levers. Your chair might not have any changed functionality by design.

Office chair height adjustment. If you don’t have the adjustment levers so the question comes. How to raise an office chair without a lever? Now I’m going to discuss more detail each of these problems and how you can solve them. So let’s continue-

how to raise office chair without lever

How to choose the correct height

You may be wondering how to choose the right height for your chair. There are some ways to determine. Whether a certain multifunction chair height is right for you.

  • Consider your workspace. The keyboard in some offices is closer to the industrial chair. While the keyboard in other offices is further away from the chair. You must also consider the highest and lowest desks. In your office space, find out your ideal sitting posture, in terms of seat height.
  • Make sure that your feed sits are placed squarely on the ground. Your feet should be comfortable, and your legs should be at a perfect 90-degree angle. Your thighs should be perfectly level.
  • Determine the type of chair you use in the office. The newer model has adjustment levers. That can be easily adjusted, but the old model does not. Chairs without pneumatic levers need more thinking to change.
  • Once you have found the perfect height for your chair and determine the type of chair you are sitting on.

How to raise office chair without lever

Let’s see how to lower the office chair without a lever and how to rise.

Raise or Lower Older Non-Pneumatic Office chair

Raise and lower older Non-Pneumatic chair seats have different ways. Once you have determined the type of chair you have you can adjust the height. To get the best comfort in the office environment.

Clockwise and Counter-Clockwise Adjustment

how to raise office chair without lever

If you have the older model executive chair then follow my step-by-step guide:

Step 1: 

Rotate the seat base clockwise or counterclockwise to raise and lower the seat. Depending on the chair itself, you need to rotate the seat to see the direction. In which it is lowered and the direction in which it rises.

Step 2:

After adjusting the chair height, sit down. And check the extended height chair, if you are satisfied then it’s ok! You have successfully adjusted the chair without using a lever. If your chair still needs improvement, start the process again.

Step 3:

Repeat the adjustment and sit down to continue checking. Until you find the perfect height that suits your needs.

Under-Chair Bolt Adjustment Method to lower or raise

Some chairs are adjusted by turning large bolts located at the bottom of the chair. To do this, please follow the step-by-step guide on how to raise an office chair below.

Step 1:

Stand in front of the chair and adjust the seat height. Similarly, the old-fashioned chair cannot be replaced while sitting down. You should be able to manually turn the bolt under the chair.

Operate the latch under the seat and watch the chair move up and down. Determine the position to be adjusted and stop turning the large bolt.

Step 2:

Sit on the chair and make sure you are satisfied with the height. If you can sit comfortably, as described above. You will adjust the height to meet your needs.

Step 3:

If you are not satisfied with the height of the extended-height chair. Please stand in front of the chair and turn the big bolt located under the chair seat again. Keep doing this until you adjust the seat that you like.

This process can be carried out over and over again until you find the height that best suits your needs. After finding the desired height, lock the bolts to hold the seat height in place.

Back Height Adjustment method

There are many office chairs with backrests or arm-changing functions on the market. Some of them allow you to replace the entire backrest of the chair.

In weather conditions, some chairs can only move up and down. While the backrest of some executive chairs can move back and forth. If you want to get the best position to sit on a chair. You need to know which category your expensive chair belongs to.

Depending on the chair you have, you may have limited options. Or fully customizable options if you have a fully customizable chair.

To adjust the height of the backrest and armrests some customizable classical chairs allow you to move them back and forth. While others only allow you to move them up and down.

Some of the fully reclining chairs also allow you to adjust the recline. You can choose a seat that is farther back or upright. The type of work you do and your personal preferences will determine which type of recline is best for you.

The armrest should comfortably support your arms and elbows. You should be able to work hard and then put your arms on the armrest to relax.

Again, this option will determine your personal preferences and physical needs. The ability to adjust the height of the armrests and backrests. Makes the person sitting in the chair as comfortable as possible. Although some chairs are very basic.

And do not allow many adjustments. There are other chairs on the market that are fully customizable and fully recline. No matter what your personal needs are, you can find the chair that suits you.

Whether you want a multifunction chair that can be fully adjusted. Or without pneumatic levers, there is a reclining chair that can meet your needs.

How to fix a damaged office chair adjustment levers

If you have a chair that can be adjusted with a pneumatic lever. You can repair the lever that has been damaged over time. If your chair no longer adjusts its height as required. Consider fixing the lever instead of buying a new chair.

If your chair is not suitable, you will most likely need to buy a new cylinder. The cylinder helps to fix the different heights of the seatings. Allowing you to choose the height you like to sit on. You can choose the Rolland gas lift cylinder.

To buy a new gas cylinder you need to bear in mind some important points to choosing a perfect gas cylinder for your seating. These are:

  • The width or diameter of the gas cylinder that fits the chair’s bottom base. Please note that this measurement must be accurate. Otherwise, you will not be able to get the correct base kit to fix it.
  • You also need to take the measurement of the height of the cylinder. This measurement allows more operating space than diameter measurement. But make sure that the numbers are as close as possible.
  • With those measurements, you can find a new replacement gas cylinder! They can be found online or in many office furniture stores.
  • When you receive the replacement parts, there will be simple instructions on how to install the new cylinder parts.


I have tried to show you all the fixes about how to raise an office chair without a lever. And how to choose the best chair replacement gas cylinder.

If the condition of your chair is very bad and you don’t want to repair it, then you can find the best office chair for your needs.

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