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A new solution: How to fix an office chair that won’t stay up

How to fix an office chair that won’t stay up? The comfortable office chair is pleasant to use when it is in normal working condition. They make things easy on your desk and provide you with the right height and comfort.

It was a huge disappointment when they collapsed and were unable to stay awake. The comfortable chair uses a pneumatic cylinder to control the height of the smart chair through pressurized air.

The cylinders in most saddles will fail within a few years. Usually, the seals are damaged and cannot withstand the pressure. We usually spend a lot of money on our room essentials and chairs to make sure they are comfortable and ergonomic for our long workdays.

But we face a problem when the office chair won’t stay up. I will give you the solution for how to fix an office chair that won’t stay up.

What are the reasons for sinking an office chair?

To fix a sinking office chair first, you need to understand the reasons why a chair sinks. To understand why your chair has unexpectedly neglected to accomplish and keep a specific stature, we need to see how it goes all over with the control of the little handle and switches under the seat.

A gas lift chamber is a cylinder system where there is a chamber loaded up with nitrogen gas to lift the chair, air flows into the chamber and remains compressed there in a sealed condition. The gear lever locks the seat height. To lower it, the air is released from the chamber below and flows through the piston use the lever again to lock the required height.

The office chair keeps sinking because the seal inside the cylinder weakens and allows nitrogen to flow out. Regardless of the extra weight, the cylinder can no longer support the weight of the chair. So no matter how much you place the chair, it will cause the chair to fall to the bottom.

How to fix an office chair that won’t stay up

You can buy a replacement chair gas cylinder to restore the full functionality of your chair. But this is almost as expensive as buying replacement parts.

You will find many solutions on how to remove the chair cylinder. You can fix the sunken chair by replacing the gas cylinder using a chair protection kit, plastic gasket (or PVC tube), or a combination of hose clips (or jubilee clips) and tape. These are all DIY solutions.

Use a hose clamp & duct tape to fix an office chair that won’t stay up

how to fix an office chair that won't stay up

Most minimal chairs have a plastic cylinder above the extendable panel. Glide this right down or up, till you can see the metal panel under. You can not change the tallness after this maintenance, so ensure you have it right.

The seat of this executive chair must be level with your knees when you are standing. In the event that the chair will not remain up in any event, when nobody is on it, lay it on its side. In the event that the plastic skirt covers the chamber at this stature. you should drop the skirt first.

To do this thing, you have to turn the chair upside down. Then you have to push the retaining clip at the base with a screwdriver. And pull off the wheels, then the skirt. Slide the wheels back on.

Get a ¾” (2 cm) hose clasp (Jubilee Clip) from a home improvement shop.

Extricate the screw on the hose clamp (Jubilee Clip) and pull out the belt end. Fold the brace over the metal chamber, however, don’t fix it yet. The clasp should be extremely close to holding the fully reclining office chair up.

Give the clasp a superior surface. To grasp by wrapping a segment of elastic several layers of channel tape around the cylinder for those who use an executive chair.

Do this at the most noteworthy clear point in the chamber. Then again, scrape up this space of the chamber with sandpaper. In the event that the chamber looks grimy or oily, clear this off first. Slide the hose clip to the highest point of the chamber.

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Twofold checks that the chair is of the right stature. Pull the hose clip tight and secure it by pivoting the screw. The chair should now not be able to slide down past the cinch.

The underlying tallness change will in any case not work as expected. On the off chance that the chair is at some unacceptable tallness, move the cinch higher or lower on the chamber. In the event that the cinch slides off. Affix it over a portion of elastic to work on the hold, or attempt the PVC pipe technique underneath.

Use a Plastic Spacer / PVC Pipe

how to fix an office chair that won't stay up

Another DIY trick is to use plastic gaskets or a piece of PVC to prevent the cylinder from sagging. If the plastic gasket is cut from the center, it can be wound on the cylinder piston. If you use uncut gaskets or PVC, additional work is required (remove the cylinder to slide it over the gasket).

The gasket is only used as a stop like a hose clamp and does not allow any height adjustments. Another major disadvantage is that the plastic may crack. Or crack due to the pressure of sitting on the chair.

How to Replace the Gas Cylinder

How to Replace the Gas Cylinder to fix an office chair that won't stay up

If you need the function and feel of the chair to be exactly the same as before sinking. You should replace the cylinder with another one. Generally, gas cylinders are the standard-setting.

For many chairs to use the same gas cylinder. If you operate it correctly and use a high-quality gas cylinder. your chair will last at least 6 years. For safety reasons, please go to the store with your specific brand.

To determine the right cylinder to buy. Otherwise, getting a standard fit is not a problem. Because if you don’t fit, most suppliers will provide refunds or replacements. The procedure for replacing the gas cylinder (detailed here) is simple. And involves replacing part of the chair from the seat base to the center of the base.


Desk chair keeps sinking? I have tried to show you all the ways How to fix an office chair that won’t stay up. You can use any of the methods that I showed you. But among all the solutions, we recommend replacing your office chair’s gas cylinder. You may pay a little to do that but it is the easiest and long-lasting method.



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