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7 Best Big And Tall High Back Office Chairs In USA

Are you working in an office and feeling like your chair is not comfortable at all? Is it too low, too small, or uncomfortable for some other reason? Maybe you’re tall and need a big and tall high back office chair.

A big and tall person’s needs are different from those of other people in many ways. Including comfort when sitting for long periods of time or finding clothes that fit properly. Genesis Designs is a company that specializes in office furniture. It has an adjustable back, an ergonomic design, and premium materials.

Such as leather plus for the seat and armrests. This chair can be found at various online retailers. Such as Amazon or Target and even in some local stores like Office Depot or Staples. Office chairs make your work easier.

We have reviewed the top ergonomic chairs in this article. So read on! Before purchasing a chair you need to know the types of office chairs.

List of the top 7 big and tall high back office chairs

If you don’t have enough time to read the full article you can choose our no. 01 item below:

Top Pick


Serta Big and tall high back office chair

– DIMENSIONS: 47″ H x 27.25″ W x 19″ D
– Seat Back Dimensions: 21″ H x 27″ W | Seat Dimensions: 27″ W & 19″ D
– Quality bonded leather chair with authentic wood accents

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Here is the list of our selected 7 best executive high back office chairs:

  1. Hamilton executive chair
  2. Bush Business Furniture high-back leather chair
  3. Serta executive high back chair brown
  4. Homall
  5. Flash Furniture
  6. Amazon Commercial ergonomic leather executive chair
  7. Serta Executive chair

This is the best high back office chair for a big and tall person. And if you have enough time please read the full article. You will love it. We will show you our selected products and buying guide also.

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Top 7 Chair Review

Office chairs are important furniture in any office. The right chair can make a huge difference in your comfort and productivity levels during the day.

These chairs are not just one size fits all. Different types of people need different types of chairs.

Before purchasing a chair you must know how many types of chairs are available on the market. Big and Tall Chairs, Conference Chairs, Ergonomic Chairs, and Executive Chairs. Guest Chairs, Kneeling Ergonomic Chairs. Petite Chairs, Stacking Chairs. And Task Chairs are some of the most popular types of chairs.

“Hamilton” Genesis Designs executive high back office chair


We spend so much time at work that it’s important to find a chair that is both comfortable and stylish. The Hamilton high-back executive chair with Sleek, Dual Wheel Casters. Leather Plus, Padded Synchronized Armrests & Reclining Back. Is an all-in-one solution for the modern office. The chair has a high back and a sleek design.

That provides comfort while staying professional. The dual-wheel casters allow you to move around your desk freely. Without having to worry about leaving marks on the floor. Let’s see the pros & cons of Hamilton:




  • Only two colors are available

Top reviews from some users:

Skeet told that: “With daily use, the bonded leather begins to peel off after four or five years.”

Largemouth78 told that: “Very Nice Chair!!”

Jay told that: “The cover started peeling off after 2 years”

Chad Hensiak told that: “Very Pleased. Worth every penny.”

Bush Business Leather Executive Office Chair


If you’re big and tall, this is the chair for you. The Bush Business Metropolis high-back leather executive chair offers adjustable armrests.

A synchro-tilt function, height adjustment from 45.5 inches to 49 inches, and more! When you’re big and tall, this is the chair for you. Bush Business high-back chair features adjustable armrests. That adjusts in height, width depth, and angle.

Let’s see the pros & cons. Of the Bush Business Furniture genesis designs executive big and tall high back leather chair:


  • Adjustable chair height
  • 4-way adjustable armrests
  • Adjustable 2:1 synchro tilt


  • Price is high

Top reviews from some users:

Jamie told that: “Nice chair, not sure it’s leather”

Cody Peterson told that: ” Great Chair”

Croissant told that: “Looks great and high back is wonderful, but other features are so-so”

Serta executive high back office chair brown


Serta Executive High Back Chair is a quality bonded leather chair. With authentic wood accents. Ergonomic height and tilt adjustments let you find and keep your ideal seating position. The adjustable lumbar panel gives you the support needed for long hours at the office.

With Serta Big and Tall Executive Chair, they provide an excellent combination of styles. Comfort, functionality, and value. The ergonomic lumbar support lets you find and maintain your ideal seating position. While the bonded leather upholstery ensures that this chair will last for years to come.

This chair has been designed to provide long hours of comfort. And support without compromising style or performance! Let’s see the pros & cons of serta:




  • Price is high

Top reviews from some users:

GJMAZ told that: “Nice quality. TALL sitting chair at first, but does break in a bit.”

GAM Peterson told that: “Nice chair”

Carmen C Racicot told that: “This is the most comfortable chair I ever owned”

Homall Big and Tall Swivel Chair


Tall people can often have a hard time finding chairs that are the right size. Office chairs usually only come in one size, which is about 17″ to 18″ from the floor to the top of the backrest.

This means that for taller people, there will be no support for their legs. And they will have an uncomfortable experience sitting at their desk all day long.

To find a chair with more legroom, look for high-back models that offer lumbar support.

Let’s see the pros & cons of Homall Big and Tall chair:


  • Heavy-Duty Base
  • High-Quality Leather
  • Ergonomic Function


  • The price is very high

Top reviews from some users:

Rennora told that: “Great chair, but some caveats”

ProB told that: ” Excellent Chair!!”

Bill Northcutt told that: “Executive Desk Chair”

James Gardiner told that: “Strong Sturdy Chair”

Flash Furniture mesh high back office chair


The Flash Furniture ergonomic mesh high-back chair is a perfect executive-style swivel chair for any desk. This chair comes with an adjustable headrest and armrest.

As well as an ergonomic design to ensure the greatest comfort. The frame of this product is made out of metal with black nylon material for the seat and back.

It also has wheels on the bottom to make mobility easy. The Flash Furniture Ergonomic Mesh High Back  Chair is perfect for those who work long. Let’s see the pros & cons:


  • Conforms to ANSI/BIFMA standard X5.1-17
  • Adjustable headrest for maximum comfort


  • Assembly is hard

Top reviews from some users:

The Martins told that: “Verdict after three months: Excellent chair”

William told that: “Great chair for hot summers!”

Amazon Commercial Ergonomic Rhombus-Stitched Chair


Most office chairs are designed for smaller frames. Which often leaves larger individuals with limited options. The Amazon Commercial Ergonomic High-Back Rhombus-Stitched Leather Executive Chair is the answer.

This high-back desk chair has a waterfall seat edge. That supports better circulation and reduces fatigue.

Plus, its adjustable height, depth, back height and tilt, and flip-up armrests allow you to customize your seating experience. So it’s the perfect big and tall chair. Let’s see the pros & cons of Amazon Commercial chair:


  • 360-degree mobility
  • Elevated headrest


  • Made of bonded leather, not genuine leather

Top reviews from some users:

G9195 told that: “Unsurprisingly A Good Value”

Bryan D Webb told that: “Great Chair IF you get the correct one “

Bruce Williams told that: “Very happy with this purchase”

Cameron Sours told that: “Decent value for money.”

Serta Executive office chair Lumbar Support


The Serta Big and Tall Executive Chair with Wood Accents. Adjustable High Back Ergonomic Lumbar Support. Is a perfect choice for the modern-day worker. The chair offers adjustable lumbar support, which helps with long hours at the office.

This high-back executive chair is also big and tall, making it comfortable for larger individuals. The quality bonded leather material provides comfort. As well as an authentic wood accent to give your home or office that traditional feel. Let’s see the pros & cons:


  • Adjustable lumbar panel
  • Quality bonded leather


  • Price is high

Top reviews from some users:

Christopher T Bruscato told that: “Very solid chair, recommended for long sitting”

Dan told that: “Very comfortable chair for a big person”

A Buying Guide

Buying an office chair is not an easy task. There are so many items available online or on the market. Among them, choosing the perfect one for your needs is very difficult.

But there are some common features that you must check in the selected chair:

  • First of all, you must check the adjustable height. Adjustable height is the major thing for a chair. But nowadays almost all chairs have this feature built-in.
  • The next thing you should check is the adjustable seat height. It is also a major factor. This allows the user to set the chair at their own desired height. Which provides them with better comfort and ergonomics when sitting or standing during work hours.
  • Then you should check the swivel system of that chair.
  • You should also check the Adjustable Backrest & Lumbar Support of the selected chair.
  • Seat Material is also important for an office chair. Without good quality material, your chair won’t last long or you won’t feel much comfort.

These are the few common points that you should check before buying an ergonomic chair.


In this article, I have tried to show you the buying guide for big and tall high back office chairs. And the top 7 ergonomic chairs of this year.

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