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Top 9 Big And Tall Fully Reclining Office Chairs With Footrest 2022

The greatest large and tall reclining office chair is what you need. A worker’s office chair is an essential piece of furniture. We spend most of our day there, thus it need to be as cozy as possible. The main problem with most chairs is that they are not designed to support taller or bigger persons. which over time might cause buttock discomfort and other illnesses.

Considering how common obesity is in America, a lot of individuals are having health issues. Being overweight is to blame for it. Back pain is one of these conditions, and it’s now one of the most typical causes of visits to the doctor.

The answer? An very tall office chair Since 1960, the average American has gained around thirty pounds. Additionally, youngsters are gaining weight, so it’s not only grownups who have seen this rise. If you are large and tall, the solution is straightforward: all you need is a large and tall office chair.

However, there are several large and tall reclining office chairs on the market or in stores. Finding the perfect one for your requirements might be challenging. You should read this article. We’ll demonstrate the ideal big and tall reclining chair for you. All of them will appeal to you. Read on then!

List of the top 9 big and tall fully reclining office chairs with footrests

  1. RESPAWN 110 Racing Style reclining chair
  2. HON Wave Mesh reclining chair
  3. OFM ESS Collection chair
  4. Duramont chair with a footrest
  5. JULYFOX reclining office chair 
  6. YITAHOME Big and Tall rolling chair
  7. AKRacing Masters Series gaming chair
  8. Executive adjustable reclining chair
  9. ZUERST Ergonomic chair

These are the best 9 big and tall reclining office chairs of this year. If you don’t have enough time to read the full article then you can check our selected no. 01 item below:

Top Pick


HON Wave Mesh Big and Tall Executive Chair

– Chair dimensions – 25.63″ D x 30.25″ W x 42.88″ H
– Seat dimensions – 19” D x 22” W
– Weight capacity – 450 lbs
– Adjustable recline

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This is the best chair for big and tall people. The price is high but you’ll get many features. If you have enough time to go through the full article then please read on!

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9 best big and tall reclining office chairs review

An essential piece of furniture that may make or break your job is the chair. Finding a chair that will keep you relaxed, healthy, and productive all day is time well spent. Reclining chairs come in three different categories. Fully, partially, and ergonomically reclining.

Depending on what is most advantageous to you personally, each variety has its own advantages. Chairs that recline just partially do not fully recline. An ergonomic chair with a footrest is another style. A built-in footrest is a characteristic of these seats.

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RESPAWN 110 Racing Style big and tall fully reclining chair


has a weight capability of 275 pounds. One of the most cozy gaming chairs is the RESPAWN 110 Racing Style Gaming Chair. and strong gaming seats available. It is simple to see from across the room because to the bright colors. However, it can also assist with keeping a polished appearance in an office situation.

The RESPAWN 110 Racing Style Gaming Chair is made for people who work at their desks for extended periods of time. You will feel supported in this ergonomic chair’s high backrest and comfortable armrests. and cozy during the day. boldly contrasting colors for the upholstery. but has a polished appearance.

Let’s see the pros & cons of RESPAWN 110 big and tall reclining chairs:


  • An award-nominated brand


  • Limited Warranty



HON Wave Mesh chair

HON Wave Mesh Big and Tall Executive Chair


Are you trying to find a cozy chair for your office? You should use the HON Wave Mesh Big and Tall Executive Chair. The arms of this chair are movable, allowing them to be moved up and down as well as close to and far from the body. With this function, adjusting the arm height is simple and doesn’t need getting up from the chair.

This luxury recliner offers excellent ventilation thanks to its mesh back. Additionally, it offers greater lower back support. The metal construction of the frame makes it sturdy enough to support up to 300 pounds of weight. Here are HON Wave Mesh chair’s benefits and drawbacks:


  • Made of Metal
  • Weight capacity – 450 lbs
  • Adjustable recline


  • Assembly required

Top reviews from some users:

KC told that: “LOVE this chair – woman’s perspective”

KY told that: “I’m a BIG man of over 500lbs. This is the chair you want.”

George Ronald Stewart told that: “Good chair, Durable”

Brant K. told that: “Great chair, quality is top-notch. Best reclining desk chair”

OFM ESS Collection big and tall chair


The OFM ESS Collection is made for those who are tall and broad. The seat’s breadth ranges from 23 to 27 inches, and its height is adjustable between 17 and 21 inches. It has fine thread stitching and racing-style leather upholstery for added comfort.

Office chair with a high back in the Racing Style SofThread Leather Collection from OFM. For those seeking an opulent one, the OFM ESS Collection is ideal. Here are OFM ESS Collection’s advantages and disadvantages:




  • No footrest feature

Top reviews from some users:

Fred told that: “It DOES tilt!”

Jesse told that: “Great chair for the price”

David told that: “Tall chair”

Duramont chair


People have been seeking for methods to balance work and life for a very long time. Some people have turned to switching careers. Or locating a new position that better fits their skills. While others focus on leading better lives and doing everything they can. should keep up a healthy lifestyle in order to avoid future health issues.

Keeping ourselves comfortable during the day is one of the largest challenges we encounter while trying to sustain our professional lives. You will always be seated in the most comfortable posture thanks to the chair’s ergonomic design. so that you can prevent back discomfort from prolonged sitting. Here are the benefits and drawbacks of the Duramont office chair:




  • Only 1-Year warranty

Top reviews from some users:

Paul told that: “Very stable and comfortable!”

Josh told that: “AWESOME CHAIR!!”

Adam told that: “Comfortable for long sitting hours”

Courtney told that: “Very comfortable, posh-looking chair with a strange fabric seam”

JULYFOX large chair with footrest


Do you find it difficult to stand up from your workplace chair? Everything is included with this recliner. You may take a break from sitting at your desk with the help of this JULYFOX chair. has a footrest that retracts and a lockable back angle of between 90 and 170 degrees.

It’s ideal for both sleeping and working. The top-notch imitation leather cover is made to last for years of usage without ripping or creasing. It is ergonomically designed. You may sit comfortably for hours on end without becoming sore thanks to that supporting your entire body weight.

Let’s see the pros & cons of the JULYFOX chair:


  • Comfortable Chair
  • Ergonomic Adjustable Chair
  • Heavy-duty metal base


  • Only black color available

Top reviews from some users:

Kindle Customer told that: “100% Organic free-range review not bought by sellers”

Andrew Martinez 1996 told that: ” I Bought This Chair Based on The Reviews”

Thomas Gwinner told that: “Great Value!”

Amazon Customer told that: “Cautiously optimistic.”

YITAHOME Big and Tall rolling chair


It might be challenging to choose the ideal chair for your home office. There are so many possibilities available, and each one has its own own qualities. The good news is that YITAHOME offers a large and tall gaming chair that will look great in any workplace setting. Your comfort is a priority in the design of this ergonomic chair. provide assistance for each bodily part.

The product has the following measurements: 22.8′′ x 22.4′′ x 51.6′′. It may be utilized by anyone up to 400 pounds in weight and 5’0″ to 6’7″ in height. To suit individual tastes, the seat height, backrest angle, arm height, and lumbar pressure may be be changed.

Let’s see the pros & cons of YITAHOME Big and Tall rolling chair:


  • Cutting-Edge Functionality
  • Top-notch Gaming Experience
  • Has an ultra-skin-friendly touch


  • Not original leather

AKRacing Masters Series best recliner for overweight or heavy person

AKRacing Masters Series

AKRacing Masters Series Max Gaming Chair is high-quality. a robust gaming chair with cutting-edge mechanics for maximum comfort and toughness. The finest of both worlds are offered with the AKRacing Master Series Gaming Chair.

A high-quality item that is affordable for gamers. The robust steel tubing used for the frame has an anti-corrosive coating. This offers players more stability and safety. who enjoy standing up during games or spending a lot of time at their workplace.

Let’s see the pros & cons of the AKRacing Masters Series gaming chair:


  • Extra large size
  • Top-quality upholstery
  • Adjustable headrest and lumbar support


  • Price is high

Top reviews from some users:

Mike told that: “It’s just everything that it says it is! A fantastic chair!”

Kate told that: “A $500 CHAIR?!”

Brian told that: “A big chair for a big lad”

Erdinc told that: “AKRACING Master Max Wide Gaming Stuhl”

Executive adjustable reclining office chair with incremental footrest

Executive adjustable chair

It is true that finding the ideal chair for executive work might be challenging. I’m going to introduce this chair since it can accommodate various positions and completely supports the spine for that reason. Six support points (headrest, back, lumbar, link-armrest, footrest, tilt angle) are movable.

Such that it can accommodate various positions, completely support the spine, and soothe the body. The ergonomic chair includes a high back mesh chair that reclines to 155 degrees and a footrest. The benefits and drawbacks of an executive adjustable reclining office chair with a graduated footrest are as follows:


  • Tilt Function with Footrest & Unique Linkage Armrest
  • Breathable Mesh Back & Large Thick Cushion
  • Excellent & Sturdy Design


  • Stock is limited

Top reviews from some users:

Vijay told that: “Comfortable chair”

Hieu Nguyen told that: “A very comfortable chair”

SM reviews told that: ” For work or play.”

Tea told that: “Gorgeous card”

ZUERST Ergonomic office chair big and tall

ZUERST Ergonomic chair

The Executive Chair That Isn’t Executive-Like. Have you ever thought that the features offered by your office chair are overpriced? Perhaps the seat isn’t cozy or doesn’t provide lumbar support? High-quality ergonomic seating is provided by ZUERST.

Affordable executive desk chairs with lots of characteristics make using them more helpful and fun. Many chairs don’t offer enough back support since individuals can’t fit comfortably in them. Here are some benefits and drawbacks of the ZUERST ergonomic chair:


  • It makes you feel cool enough


  • No footrest built-in

Top reviews from some users:

Anthony told that: “SO COMFORTABLE!!”

Roy told that: ” 6’2” 225lbs, and fit. Comfortable chair.”

Our Big Active Family told that: “It’s a comfortable chair that fits pretty well when you get used to it.”

A buying guide for a big and tall reclining office chair

You must check these things before buying a reclining office chair:

The Armrest: The Key to Comfort in the Office

We are all aware of the importance of a comfortable workplace chair. Here are some suggestions on how to locate one with armrests for support as it might be difficult to find one that is comfy.

If you want to spend more than two hours seated at your desk, armrests for shoulder and lumbar support are a must. A headdesk chair is the greatest solution. because you can put your feet up and have a choice of footrests, giving you more room.

Footrests Are a Necessity for Long Hours of Sitting

Many individuals don’t realize how important footrests are when sitting for extended periods of time. Your feet will be raised if you use a footrest.

Additionally, it offers additional support to lessen leg, back, and neck strain. If you are someone who spends a lot of time reading or using a laptop while sitting in a chair. The footrest needs to be both adjustable and comfy. Make sure the footrest has enough room for your feet to rest and is cushioned.

What Is the Best Office Chair Height?

The height of an office chair is the distance between the floor and the point at which it meets the bottom of the desk. Finding a chair that works for you is vital because office chairs are made for different heights.

When choosing a chair height, there are numerous considerations. Your height must be taken into account. Additionally, consider how high or low you want your desk surface to be.

Seat Depth: The Key to Sitting Comfortably

In a deep chair, your knees will lock, making it challenging for you to move about comfortably. You should look for chairs with the right seat depth to assure your comfort. The thinner the seat, the less pressure is applied to your seat. Deeper and thicker seats undoubtedly put additional strain on the body.

Chair Width: Your Chair Shouldn’t Be Too Wide

If you are purchasing a chair for a shorter or older individual. You won’t be happy if you get a chair that is overly broad. Naturally, broader chairs are comfier. because they give you a bigger surface space to rest your legs on. Purchase a chair with the correct width so that your knees are comfy.

The Seat Cushion

When buying a chair, there are several factors to take into account. There is the kind of material, whether it has wheels or not, if it is comfy to sit in, and other factors. The size of the seat cushions, however, is an additional factor that should be taken into account. Metal rods would be found below the seat of an office chair without a seat cushion. has jagged edges on which you may lay your arms.


I have tried to show you the 9 best big and tall reclining office chairs of the year and the buying guide. I hope now you can easily choose the best one for your needs. 

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