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7 Best Custom & Heavy Duty Office Chair Mat In USA

If you are a big and tall person then you need a big and tall office chair. And when you have a heavy-duty office chair then it must say that. You need a heavy duty office chair mat or a custom office chair mat. The most important piece of furniture in the office is probably the chair.
When you think about it, we spend a lot of time sitting in our chairs and they need to be comfortable and ergonomic.

The best mats are made of a durable material that will not curl up at the edges or separate after prolonged use. A chair mat is a must-have for any office. Office mats are available in various sizes and shapes. To fit the space requirements of each workspace.

It’s important to have a comfortable, ergonomic desk chair. That can help you maintain good posture while sitting at your desk. But when it comes to protecting flooring surfaces from indentations, scuffs, and other marks. Keep reading to see the review of the best office mats.

There are a lot of mats available on the market. But it is difficult to find a perfect heavy-duty or custom office chair mat. To make it easy I have written this article. In this article, I will show you how can you choose a perfect custom or heavy duty office chair mat. Also, I will show you the top 7 mats of this year. So keep reading.

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Various types of office chair mats

There are different types of office mats available on the market. Some common types have given below:

  • Rubber mat
  • Plastic mat
  • Heavy-duty office chair mat
  • Custom office chair mat

These are the common types of mats. If you need the custom office chair mat keep reading. If you don’t have sufficient time to read out the full article you can check our top pick no. 01 item below:

Top Pick


Vitrazza Glass Office Chair Mat For Carpet or Hard Floors

– Rectangle 42″ x 48″
– Made in USA
– Coated to Resist Fine Scratches
– Stabil-a-Dot Bumper System Included

View On Amazon


Best mat for heavy people. This mat is perfect for carpet or wood floors. But the price is a little bit high. If you want a mat with a low price you can check out our other items below:

List of the top 7 heavy-duty or custom office chair mats

A list of the top 7 heavy-duty chair mats for carpet or hard floors:

  2. Mind Reader 
  3. Amazon Basics heavy-duty office chair mat
  4. Vitrazza Glass mat
  5. Evolve 33″ x 44″
  6. Dimex Chair Mat For Low Pile Carpet
  7. Flash Furniture 36” x 48”

These are our selected top 7 mats of this year for big and tall people. Please read the full article to know the details of each item.

STARCOUNTERS heavy duty office chair mat for Carpeted Floors


With the help of STARCOUNTERS’s mat, you can get a new look. For your home office without the high costs. Our 48” x 36” carpet protector resists damage and is transparent to fit any decor. You no longer have to worry about sliding or slipping because our design features a pronged base. With studs that hold securely to the carpet.

With one quick swipe, you can clean up your mess in seconds!

The STARCOUNTERS Heavy Duty Chair Mat is a 100% polycarbonate carpet protector. That can be used in any home office. The mat features tough, heavy-duty, durable material that resists damage.

And prevents your floor from being damaged by spills or scuffs. Unlike other mats on the market, this one has pronged studs that securely hold onto the carpet. To prevent it from sliding around. Let’s see the pros & cons of STARCOUNTERS heavy-duty chair mat:


  • Lasts for years
  • Durable 100%
  • No bending or curling edges


  • Can’t Use On Hard Floor

Top reviews from some users:

G. Joiner told that: “Best Mat ever!”

Jetage told that: “Great product to protect carpet, poor packaging”

Robbie told that: “Thick enough and well-sized”

S. Robinson told that: “Excellent carpet protection”

Mind Reader custom office chair mat for Hard Floor or Carpet


Mind Reader offers the proper protection. For your floors at an affordable price. The textured wear-resistant PVC mat allows your chair to move easily without skidding. With a thickness of ½ inch, this mat is suitable for commercial carpets. And can be used with carpets less than ¼ inch in thickness. Best mat for heavy people.

It has no padding. So it won’t crack or shatter while protecting your floor from damaging chair casters. A Mind Reader custom chair mat will protect your floor. Let’s see the pros & cons:




  • It is for carpets only
  • You have to buy another version for the hard floor

Amazon Basics Vinyl heavy duty office chair mat for Hard Floors


Amazon Basics Vinyl mat is designed to protect hard floors. From damage caused by desk chair wheels or feet. Hard plastic mat. The transparent, heavy-duty construction provides excellent protection.

While allowing your flooring to show through. It has a smooth glide surface with ample space for easy chair movement. And is ideal for use at desks or workstations with chairs with either rolling wheels or stationary feet.

Its pet-friendly plastic material makes it safe for pets as well! Transparent design allows you to see through it so that your flooring is still visible. It also has ample space for easy chair movement. Best custom desk floor mats.

Let’s see the pros & cons:


  • 2 Styles Available
  • Smooth glide surface
  • Smooth edges with rounded corners


  • Not for carpet

Hard plastic mat reviews from some users:

Teresa L. North told that: “Excellent custom desk floor mats”

calo9x told that: “Straightening the folds”

Vitrazza Glass custom office chair mat


Are you looking for a mat that will withstand years of heavy use? Do you want to protect your floors from scratches and other damage caused by moving chairs on the floor?

The Vitrazza Glass Mat Rectangle 36″ x 48″ Chiaro Std Clear. Also features the stability-a-dot bumper system. Which prevents it from slipping or sliding on any type of flooring. Best custom chair mats.

Let’s see the pros & cons of Vitrazza Glass mat:


  • Designed to Protect Carpet or Wood Floors
  • Stabil-a-Dot Bumper System Included
  • Coated to Resist Fine Scratches


  • Price is high

Custom size chair mats reviews from some users:

P. Bennett told that: “Works great, no more plastic mat ruts”

A Customer told that: “Best heavy-duty chair mat”

Katness that: “Great Purchase for my Home Office!”

Alan Ross told that: “SUPERB!”

Evolve 33″ x 44″ Clear Mat: Best Desk Chair Mat


Are you tired of the endless maintenance that comes with your current mat? Do you want a mat that will stand up to heavy traffic, while still being easy to clean and maintain? If so, Evolve C5B5003J Clear Mat is what you need. The clear polycarbonate construction means this office mat won’t be yellow over time.

Keep it looking fresh and new for years to come. It also has rounded corners which make it perfect for smaller work. Evolve C5B5003J Clear Mat -Provides an extra layer of protection for your surfaces.

The top surface of this mat is smooth for your comfort. And it has industry-leading clarity so you will not have any difficulty seeing what’s on your desk. Let’s see the pros & cons:


  • Best plastic office chair mat
  • Different size available
  • Smooth top surface


  • Only for the carpet

Top reviews from some users:

Amazonbuyer told that: “I love it. best desk chair mat”

Heather N. told that: “It works JUST fine!”

R. Nelson told that: “Yes it flattens out.”

Cherie L Openlander told that: “Works well with kitty litter boxes, I know it’s strange right?”

Dimex Office Chair Mat For Low Pile Carpet


The Dimex C511003G Office Mat is designed with a smooth top surface. For easy chair movement and a cleated backing to grip carpet up to 1/4 (0. 25) of an inch thick. 36 X 48-inch mat with Lip, suitable for small to mid-size work areas. Such as an apartment, dorm, or home office. Packaged in a cylinder for shipping stability and lays flat once unrolled.

Designed with industry-leading clarity to seamlessly fade into your floors. It can be shipped in a cylinder so that you don’t have to worry about it being rolled up during shipping. This mat will provide 12 square feet of coverage area on most home office floors. Let’s see the pros & cons of Dimex C511003G:


  • Best for low-pile carpet
  • 1-year warranty
  • Industry-leading clarity


  • No other shapes are available

Top reviews from some users:

Skyler K. told that: “Good buy for the price”

Paul Lainen told that: “Great roll top surface for the work at home. Office chair mat heavy duty”

Flash Furniture heavy-duty chair mats for carpet


The Big & Tall mat is the perfect solution for carpeted workspaces. Made from durable materials, this floor protector features a textured top surface. That keeps your floors looking new. While also providing plenty of cushioning to reduce fatigue and stress on joints. Keep Your Office Looking New With a Durable Mat. The best heavy-duty carpet chair mat.

Replacing the carpeting in your business due to wear, dents, and impressions from chair casters and unsightly spills can be costly. Let’s see the pros & cons:


  • 400 lb. weight capacity
  • Scuff and slip-resistant textured top surface
  • 2 different sizes are available


  • Only for carpet

Top reviews from some users:

HalloweenWeed told that: “Depends on the carpet”

Louie from Waterloo Iowa told that: “Great Buy! Economical and Sturdy”

Brian told that: ” Durable Carpet Protection. office chair mat heavy duty”

Sean A. told that: “Seems tough & durable”

A Buyer’s Guide For Purchasing A Chair Mat

A mat is an important investment for any office. Mats are made of rubber, PVC, or nylon and come in a variety of colors. Choosing the correct chair mat can be challenging.

Because there are so many options to choose from. But selecting the right type of mat will ensure that you get the maximum life out of your purchase. And it will make rolling over the mat safe and easy. You have to notice a few points before buying a chair mat:

  • The material
  • The thickness of your carpet
  • Size
  • shape
  • Durability

You must bear in mind these points before buying an office chair mat.

Final Words

In this article, I have tried to show you the best custom or heavy-duty office chair mats of this year. Also, I have told you how can you choose the best mat for your carpet or hard floors.

What is the standard size for an office chair mat?

An office chair mat is a protective barrier that sits on top of a carpeted surface. This provides comfort for people who are sitting in their chairs. And also protects against spills, dirt, dust, and other debris from damaging the carpet underneath. Mats come in some standard sizes. Ranging from 36” x 48” up to 72” by 96” for carpeted surfaces and 60″ x 96″ for hard surfaces

Why do chair mats have lips?

The lip extension on some of our mats is positioned so that the lip sits under the desk. The purpose of this is to protect the flooring when a chair is tucked under the desk. Why do chair mats have lips? Some of our Mats have a lip extension, which would be positioned so that the lip sits under the desk. The purpose of this is to protect the flooring when a chair is tucked under the desk.

What do you put under desks on hardwood floors?

If you have hardwood floors, it is important to protect them from scratches and damage. When your office chair rolls on the floor, its wheels can cause indentations in the wood. Which may become permanent over time. Instead of using a rug or mat under your desk, use polyvinyl chloride (PVC), glass, or polycarbonate mat instead. You should also clean under it at least once a week and inspect the floors for discoloration or fading.

Is a chair mat necessary?

Chair mats provide a surface for rolling office chairs. To glide across without damaging flooring surfaces. Mats protect flooring from indentations, scuffs, and other marks, and from spills. They also cushion the chair’s casters as they roll over them. This reduces back pain and leg strain caused by long hours of sitting on hard floors. A quality mat is typically made of foam or rubber. With an anti-slip backing that grips your carpet or rug securely in place.

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