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On this page of the website, I am going to share my details with you. Hope you will enjoy reading it.

Why I’m running this blog?

I have been in the office furniture industry for the past 5 years. My goal is to help people find solutions to a variety of problems. As you can imagine I solve any problem related to office furniture on my website

For example, how to replace the wheels of your chair when it breaks, how you can set up a beautiful office in your home, what kind of chair will be best for your office, what kind of desk will help you to work better, etc. 

Now you can think, why am I giving all these solutions to you? To be honest, nothing is available online for free. When you are learning something by watching videos on YouTube for free, you may think that I am learning for free. But no, that YouTuber is getting money from “Google Adsense” by teaching you.

Likewise, when you are reading my blog articles, you might be buying one of my recommended products, such as chairs, recliners, desks, etc. As an affiliate, I receive a small commission when you purchase products from my affiliate links. The commission is paid to me by an affiliate company, like Amazon. But for this, no extra cost or fee is taken from you.

About me

My name is Md Ashikuzzaman: People also called me AR khan. 

I was born in 1996. Ever since I learned to understand I had a fondness for the internet. I dreamed since childhood that I would be one of the established people online. However, becoming a successful entrepreneur online was not so easy. Even I still think I could not be one like them.

I have been exploring this office furniture industry since 5 years ago. I tried to understand how people earn by benefiting people. Since then I decided to create a website in this industry and I did. I research this blog all the time. When a good chair came on the market, or what kind of problem can be in a model of furniture, and what is the best way to fix it, I research these.

I am always trying to make the website better and hope I can.

Thanks for reading.

For any queries, you can contact me!